Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Test Penis Size Serious Question*** Toilet Paper Tube Test*** Penis Girth Average Or Perfect?

Serious question*** Toilet paper tube test*** penis girth average or perfect? - toilet paper roll test penis size

I was at a party in the night, and some students talking penis size. .. In short, they said that the penis is nothing without the fat .. The 10 cm can be long, but if it is thick, it is not massive, not to think big. In any event, they said that if a man's penis can fit in a toilet paper tube (the cardboard roll in the roll of toilet papper) .. So if you fit in so he does not see his big .. not long to speak, but since its only 4 1 / .. 2 inches long, more or less, if a man's penis size is the same as or higher than the tube, then it is perfect. What do you think? Would you accept that the thickness of the tube is for a waist circumference of the penis is ideal. But seriously .. Just Do not Think theres sure to chatting sure some of you boys toIES has some mans **** held in the hand .. today compared to what you have seen the U-tube is now in your hand that you want to do the bulk of the tube to be .. Average? Big? small? that I had. in your hand is bigger than it seems. BFS test it on your husband and leave you all here, to be honest plz


Danny said...

The test of the toilet paper tube is a fraud.
Few people can meet, and some are very large penis.

BabyPand... said...

Toilet paper tube? I think that's pretty good considering what they think they are great .. A girl can be a Penis so big and could in the short term, the longer and thicker than all really does not care as long as 1 inch is not big or small, and well 1000feet

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